Ning Hou
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Paint Like Ning Purchase Painting

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Being an artist for 41 years has taught me that the word "respect" sums up all that is good in people and this wonderful universe. Respect for nature, life, other people, their ideas, struggles, cultures, and beliefs. It has been said that the most beautiful and important things in our lives cannot be seen, made, nor heard, but are thought in the mind, felt in the soul and breathed in the spirit.

I hope that my paintings always touch people in the vibration that activates these feelings and evokes these thoughts of respect and serious contemplation of the wonder and sacredness of life, nature, and spirit. I have studied all major artists and art periods in history, including African, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Renaissance, Impressionism, Abstract, Surreal, to Modern and everything in between. Some of my favorite artists are Rembrandt, Vermeer, Da Vinci, Jackson Pollack, and Picasso. I have also studied the motivations and circumstances behind artists and periods. My motivation to paint is, in a nutshell, to elevate intellect and my circumstances are that I am in a free country.

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